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At WomensWorth, we practice integrative financial and life planning.  Rather than having money alone be the tail that wags the dog, we think your life goals and aspirations should determine your financial plan. 


Unlike other advisors whose sole mission is to gather and manage your market assets, we take a wide angle view of your whole financial picture as it is affected by your career, your family, your wishes and hopes for the future.  Utilizing a protection first philosophy, we work with you to make sure the many phases of your wealth-ability to work, your family and loved ones, your accumulated assets are protected and preserved to align with your goals.  This means we help you to protect your personal economy from  the risks of market volatility, rising and falling interest rates, having your money run out before you do, creditors, creating unintended tension among your heirs, or devastation from your balance sheet due to illness or disability.