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Our History

Client Centered

WomensWorth was conceived out of a passion for demystifying the world of money  with a special emphasis on women and the important people in their lives. Armed with the knowledge and experience gleaned from a career on Wall Street, as well as some early in-life experiences leaving me financially unprepared, I started an educational non-profit in 1997 to impart to others through seminars and workshops, information that would make them smarter and more comfortable about money.

As the participants became engaged in their own learning, requests surfaced for WomensWorth to provide in-depth planning and investment guidance, hence the creation of WomensWorth, a for-profit firm whose mission remains true to its earliest vision of making people masters of their own financial destinies. Our clientele extends beyond women to their families and partners, to business owners, and to all who value our collaborative and educational approach to financial management.  I still get joy from “teaching” and speaking to groups since it’s my life’s purpose to touch as many people as possible to make sure they are smart about money and are wise consumers of financial advice.