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Our Unique Process

Our Process:

Step 1: Introductory Meeting

We meet to see if there is synergy in how we think about money and life. You’ll share your concerns, aspirations and dreams, and we”ll explain our philosophy and approach. If we feel in “sync,” we’ll move on to……… 

Step 2: Discovery

We will collect data in 21 areas of financial well-being from your insurance coverage to your wills and trusts, savings and retirement plans; we’ll delve into your cash flow, your investments, your money movement and tax efficiency, your short and long term debt levels, your cost of living and savings rates, your legacy and estate planning, education planning if applicable. We look at all this information with an integrative view of your whole financial picture.

Step 3: Analysis and Observation

After an in depth analysis using The Living Balance Sheet® tool, we will present you with observations using our 15 rules of financial health. You will receive a Financial Balance Scorecard indicating your “health” in all domains of your living balance sheet. We will project for your life expectancy, and beyond, where your current behaviors and strategies are headed and will suggest course corrections where necessary.  

Step 4: Recommendations

All of our work together will culminate in a series of recommendations to preserve or improve upon your wealth building, to attain your life goals and the financial wherewithal to do so. You will feel organized and as one of our clients recently told us: “You will feel all tucked in.” More importantly you will know where you are headed and will have a structure for each financial decision you make, and how all your decisions affect each other.

Step 5: Implementing the Plan:

With our help you will select the strategies that will help you maintain a steady course towards your life and financial goals. We will also help you with the often difficult undertaking of understanding all the risks, rewards, benefits and shortcomings of all the financial products you currently hold or may decide to purchase.

Step 6: Continued Monitoring of Progress

Life doesn't stop trying to throw you off your path, so we won’t stop helping you stay on, whether its reminding you to take an action step you have as part of your plan, evaluating the performance of your various financial strategies and investments. WomensWorth will continue to monitor your progress and your portfolio advise you to make necessary adjustments when warranted.

We don’t sell you a product then walk away. We are relationship focused not transaction focused.


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